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Anurag Kashyap’s revelation – Parineeti refused to work with Sushant in ‘Hansi To Fansi’, said- I will not work with TV actor

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap shared some screen shots of a conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput’s manager a few days back and said that he did not want to work with Sushant because he was problematic. Now in a new interview, Anurag explained the reason behind why he had asked Sushant to come. According to Kashyap, Sushant did not stick to his word and suddenly made a distance.

In an interview to journalist Faye D’Souza, Anurag said, “I talked to Sushant about two projects but first he said yes and then for some reason he didn’t do the film.” During this time, Anurag also shared the case of ‘Hansi To Fansi’.

“I will not work with TV actors,” said Parineeti.
“Initially, Sushant was part of ‘Hansi To Fansi’ and we were looking for an actress for the film. We talked to Parineeti Chopra about this. However, she refused, saying she did not want to work with any TV actor.

Anurag said that after hearing this from Parineeti, he told the actress who Sushant Singh Rajput is. He is doing ‘Kai Po Cheh’, also in Aamir’s ‘PK’ and when ‘Hansi To Fansi’ comes, he will not be just a TV actor.

Anurag left our film after getting Yashraj’s offer . After learning about Sushant, Parineeti told Yashraj Films about this. He then called Sushant and talked about doing ‘pure desi romance’. Sushant has not contacted us since then and he has disappeared. ‘

Advantageous connect with Yash Raj
said Anurag ahead, everyone was advantageous to work with Yash Raj Sushant realize that. That is why no one protested. ‘ Then Parineeti and Sushant were seen in ‘Pure Desi Romance’. So Anurag made a film ‘Hansi To Fansi’ with Parineeti and Siddharth Malhotra.

I wrote a script before ‘MS Dhoni’ was released in 2016,” Anurag said in an interview two months ago. Mukesh Chhabra had approached Sushant about this. Mukesh told Sushant that Anurag has written a script and it needs an actor who is from Bihar or UP. Then ‘Dhoni’ was released and it was a super hit. Sushant never called me after that. However, I did not give up and moved on. I then made the film ‘Boxer’. ‘

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