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Are THESE Italians singing Eminem songs during coronavirus lockdown? Fact-check

Multiple videos are doing the rounds on social media that purport to show Italians blocked in their homes by the coronaviurs singing Eminem songs.

“A whole neighbourhood in italy rapping eminem’s lose yourself while on lockdown,” a Twitter user captioned a video.

” I’m italian so i want to share this video where a neighborhood, here in italy, is singing “Not Afraid” by Eminem while they’re locked in their house because of the quarantine,” said another user while sharing the same video but with a different Eminem track playing.

Some Twitter users were quick to notice that the same video was being shared by several users with different songs of Marshall Mathers playing in the background.

A close look at the videos show that the videos were not real and were instead tampered with.

The Italians under lockdown had joined together to sing patriotic songs from their balconies, a defiant response to a crisis that has pushed the country’s health system to the limit and turned daily life on its head.

From Milan, near the northern epicentre of the crisis, to the capital Rome and Naples and Palermo in the south, social media showed people on their balconies or leaning from windows and singing the national anthem or popular songs over the past couple of days.

The videos of singing Italians have gone viral over the Internet with people around the world praising their resilience.


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