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Atiqa Odho calls Imran Khan one man army ahead of no-confidence motion

TV and film actress Atiqa Odho on Friday voiced her support for Prime Minister Imran Khan after the Supreme Court of Pakistan paved the way for his ouster.

Taking to Instagram, the ageless beauty shared a sketch of the former cricket hero and wrote, ” Imran Khan is a one man army who stands alone against all others that have looted and looted and will continue to do so if back in power. “

In her post shared hours before what was seen as Khan’s last address to the nation as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Atiqa said, “Now is the time to stand by him if we want his struggle against these crooks to succeed. He may not be perfect in many ways but remember he has fought for Pakistan at every turn.”

She added, “[Imran Khan] started from scratch and built PTI into a national party through his passion and determination over twenty six years of struggle. Let’s respect this difficult journey of his and help him continue to serve our country. Less talk and more action is required by the people of Pakistan !”

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