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Atiqa Odho expresses solidarity with Bushra Ansari after criticism over dance video

Atiqa Odho on Tuesday expressed solidarity with Bushra Ansari who has been targeted by trolls over a dance video.

She was attacked for dancing months after the death of her sister. Bushra’s colleagues from the entertainment industry has defended the veteran actress, saying she has every right to be happy.

Atiqa Odho shared multiple pictures with Bushra Ansari on social media and wrote, “I stand by Bushra Ansari. She is a legend of our country and has served us well. No one has the right to tell her how to live or behave. She is not a criminal so stop treating her as if she’s broken any laws.”

She added, “Living life and bringing joy to people is not a crime, its a service.Those who don’t respect their elders just expose their own poor upbringing. Bushra is a friend and inspires us fellow actors constantly with her talent, grace and charm. Faceless and nameless people should be ashamed of themselves for attacking an Icon of our industry in such a pathetic manner. Grow up! Carry on smiling Bushra Ansari, we are with you as always.”

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