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Aurat March dubbed foreign funded shameless display of vulgarity on Khabarnaak

LAHORE: Khabarnaak host Ayesha Jahanzeb took an exception to organizers of the recently held Aurat March on International Women’s Day in Karachi, calling the event a shameless display of vulgarity.

She spoke about the Aurat March and some placards at the event in the last segment of the show on Friday (Macrh 15-03-2019).

Ayesha Jehanzeb criticized the organizers of the March for being oblivious to the real issues facing women.

“And they projected it as if they are really fighting for women rights,” she said. “The placards they held and the slogans they raised… were they actually meant for women rights” she asked.

“Such a vulgar protest sent a message to the world that every woman has the same perspective here and they want the same rights as the participants of the March.

“What was alarming is that the age group which held the placards perhaps has not yet experienced what they were raising their voice for”.

Expressing her views, she said talking of equality between men and women is foolishness because two separate genders and intelligent beings can’t be equal.

“Woman is superior because she gives birth to life,” she said and added that NGOs would stop demanding equal rights once they understand this point.

“I am against this March because it didn’t shed light on real women issues like underage marriage, right to inheritance and Vanni.

She went on to say that some women from country’s elite class receive foreign funding to stage Tamasha (spectacle) in the country.

It was not clear whether the host was reading a script or speaking her own mind .

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