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Ayesha Jehanzeb’s somersault over Aurat March shocks fans

Ayesha Jehanzeb launched the wrost criticism of Aurat March last year in the final segment of Khabarnaak, calling the event a shameless display of vulgarity.

In the show that aired on March 15, the host went on to accused organisers of Aurat March of receiving foreign funds.

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/o7-EQ7g36Oc

Not only did she target the placards held by marchers, Ayesha said she was completely against what she called vulgarity at Aurat March.

Ironically this year, just days before the Aurat March, Ayesha Jehanzeb has come forth in support of the event.

The host recently posted a video on her personal YouTube channel in which she criticized playwright Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar for abusing Marvi Sarmad and being unable to understand cause of Aurat March.

Social media users have accused her of hypocrisy for taking a U-tun over Aurat March a year after misleading people on her show.

Some fans were of the view that it was a cheap publicity stunt on part of the anchor to promote her YouTube channel.

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