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Azeem Khan: Saba Qamar ‘proposed’ by a homophobic blogger

Pakistan’s most famous and talented actress Saba Qamar has left her fans speculating with her latest Instagram activity.

Story is that the actress recently shared a couple of pictures from her latest photoshoot. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that among hundreds of comments the actress received on her photos was one left by Blogger Azeem Khan. Khan caught attention of Saba’s fans as his comment was not a simple compliment but a proposal for marriage. “Lets get married this year,” he wrote while commenting on Saba’s picture. Saba Qamar took the internet by storm with her reply which read, “Qabool Hai”. While many fans were convinced the duo is going to marry, others thought the comments may be a stunt to promote an upcoming project involving the pair.

Without feeling the need to contact Saba and Azeem, some news websites published stories that the actress has said “yes” to the blogger who is followed by thousands of people on social media.

A look at the content created by Azeem suggests he is a staunch supporter of woman rights but takes no prisoners while speaking against homosexuality. The blogger on March 15 posted a video to educate people about Aurat March’s slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”.

While his views seemed to be compatible with those of Saba Qamar, there was something problematic too. In the same video where he is seen supporting the Aurat March and “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” slogan, Azeem Khan goes on to mock actress Mehar Bano who had to deactivate her social media accounts after she received backlash for her support to homosexuality and gay marriages.

Check out Azeem Khan’s video below:

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