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Bilal Maqsood wants Atiqa Odho to tell if she’s his mother

Bilal Maqsood left his fans smiling when he handled an awkward question from a fan like a pro. Story is that the former member of Strings accepted a message request on Instagram from one of his fans on Thursday.

“Sir. I am a fan of your’s,” the user informed the guitarist and songwriter, who is the son of legendary Anwar Maqsood. “Wanted to ask you if Ms.Odho is really your biological mother?” the fan asked, referring to veteran Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho.

Instead of writing his answer, the artist replied with an illustration that aptly conveyed his feelings towards his fan.

Bilal, however, decided to tag Atiqa Odho in order to get the right answer for his fan.

Atiqa Odho was discovered by Anwar Maqsood and made her acting debut by starring in his play Sitara Aur Mehrunissa in 1993.

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