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Billie Eilish fans disappointed after singer fails to address their concerns in Rolling Stone cover story

Billie Eilish fans are disappointed that the singer did not “address the situation” in her latest cover interview for Rolling Stones, referring to her boyfriend’s homophobic and racist comments.

The interview came a week after the teen sensation took the internet by storm when she posted multiple pictures with girls and caption it “I love girls”.

Ever since she posted the pictures on Instagram, her fans are expressing doubts about her sexuality despite the fact that she’s been dating Matthew Tyler for a while now.

When Billie Eilish shared her new pictures and the link to her Rolling Stones on her Instagram on Thursday, thousands of her fans expressed disappointment for her failure to speak about their “concerns” regarding her boyfriend’s remarks and her own sexuality.

Other fans defended the singer for not being able to address her “I love girls” Insta post. There was a one who seemed to have had enough and left a convincing reply which read, ““For everyone that is saying “explain girl” she don’t (sic) need to explain sh** you are being so dramatic about everything. She is hanging out with a guy that has racist comments 10/11 years ago. Do you really think she started stalking his account to see anything problematic?? And for the “queer-baiting” she is literally mocking her ex while partying with her friends, what you do when you are partying play monopoly? I don’t think so. And for everyone who is saying “She liked a post where they said her fans are embarrassing” bi** they are embarrassing trying to cancel somebody out of jealousy and they are not even fans. So if you are still mad at her it sounds like  you are a problem and stop trying to cancel every female artist that starts to get fame that’s really dumb.”

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