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‘Don’t scratch your balls in public’: Huma Amir Shah tells men on Tabish Hashmi show

Huma Amir Shah, arguably the best Pakistani morning show host, was the guest on Tabish Hashmi’s late night comedy show on Saturday on Geo News.

During the latest episode of “Hansna Mana Hai”, Shah was asked what would be the three habits of Pakistani men she would want to ban if she is given the authority.

The host of “Geo Pakistan” said she would want to bar men from staring women.

Huma Amir Shah said another thing that she would like to address is “itching”.

Although she did not elaborate on her answer, Tabish Hashmi explained what she meant to say.

The comedian suggested that Huma Amir Shah was hinting towards men’s habit of scratching their balls in public.

Huma Amir Shah said she won’t need to ban the third habit if the first two are addressed.

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