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Drake Reacts with Humor as Fan Throws Vape Onstage During Concert

Drake Joins List of Artists Interrupted by Fan’s Object Tossing During Performance

During Thursday’s show at the Barclays Center in New York City, Drake became the latest artist to experience a disruption during his performance. The “God’s Plan” rapper had to abruptly halt his concert after a fan threw an electronic cigarette onstage. While Drake managed to handle the situation with humor, he also had some advice for the mischievous concertgoer.

Spotting the tossed vape, Drake questioned the crowd in viral footage from the event, asking, “Did you throw a vape over here? Who threw this? Who threw the vape?” He expressed his disbelief that anyone would think he’d join in vaping with them at the Barclays Center, urging the fan to take life more seriously. Drake playfully kicked the vaping device around before eventually picking it up for a closer look, revealing that it was lemon-mint flavored.

This incident wasn’t the first disruption on Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour. Just a few weeks prior, a fan threw a cellphone at him during a show in Chicago. Drake also encountered a unique request during the tour’s Montreal stop, where he jokingly expressed his preference for bras over phones, as fans often throw objects as tokens of appreciation. However, recent incidents, like the cellphone and vaping device tosses, have been more disruptive and brought the shows to temporary halts.

Unfortunately, this trend is not exclusive to Drake’s concerts. Bebe Rexha was also hit by a cellphone, and during another event, a Pink fan even tossed cremated remains onstage. The prevalence of fans throwing odd objects has raised concerns, with artists like Charlie Puth speaking out against the “dangerous” trend. Moreover, artists such as Miranda Lambert have had to address audiences for prioritizing selfies over enjoying the live music.

As more incidents of fan disruptions come to light, artists and their teams may need to consider additional security measures to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees at their performances.

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