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Elon Musk feels guilty after lifting Andrew Tate Twitter ban

Andrew Tate, his brother and two Romanian female suspects were detained on Dec. 29 on charges of forming a criminal gang to exploit six women sexually. They have denied wrongdoing.

The detained challenged their 30-day arrest warrant, but the Bucharest court of appeals rejected the challenge this week and said they should remain in police custody.

Ever since he was arrested, Andrew Tate has been using his Twitter account to gather support.

Twitter owner Elon Musk drew criticism for lifting ban from a controversial figure like Andrew Tate.

Although Musk has not addressed the criticism publicaly, he is now using his Twitter account to show where his sympathies lie.

The billionaire recently liked a sarcastic tweet featuring Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson’s pictures.

The tweet asked western men to chose their path, with the picture of the two men placed on two opposite directions.

The tweet was seen by more one million thanks to Elon Musk’s Like.

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