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Eminem enjoys being trolled by LL Cool J and Biz Markie over #GodzillaChallenge

Eminem on Saturday took to Twitter to comment on James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J and Biz Markie’s attempt at trolling him over the #GodzillaChallenge which the Detroit rapper recent put up for his fans.

LL Cool J had recently shared a video of Biz Markie lip syncing Eminem’s Godzilla song from his latest album “Music To Be Murdered By” in a way that left Twitter users in stitches.

“Yo Em!!! Ya manz man Bizmarkie ain’t playing with this Godzilla challenge!!! Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy #GodzillaChallenge!!! @BizMarkie getting it done!!!,” LL Cool J captioned Bizmarkie ‘s video which was a kind of a tribute to Slim Shady for his incredibly track.

While the fans enjoyed Biz Markie’s funny take and Cool J’s tweet. they were still waiting for Eminem to comment on the video.

Marshall Mathers sent out a tweet on Saturday with a funny response, saying: ” yo biz!! U bodied this!! But this contest is 4 ameteurs only!! Ha!! @BizMarkie@RockTheBells#GodzillaChallenge”.

In the #GodzillaChallnge Eminem fans are required to created his song.

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