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Fans flock to Bella Thorne Insta to watch her ‘Infamous’ scene with Jake Manely

Fans are flocking to Bella Thorne’s Instagram after the actress’ new film “Infamous” got released on Friday.

Bella Thorne and Jake Manley plays lovers in the crime drama which has received negative views from some critics.

“Infamous” follows a couple who fall in love and become involved in crimes before acquiring the status of social media stars in the process.

“The bad news for Infmaous, starring Bella Thorne, is that the terrific movie is 2019’s Queen & Slim,” Hollywood Reporter said in review of the film.

The publication said “Infamous” would produce a sense of deja vu for many viwers.

Meanwhile Bella shared a scene from the film for which she said she took off her top on screen for the first time. The fans over 100,000 people saw the clip within half an hour after the actress posted it on Instagram.

“This was my first time taking off my top on screen…everyone made it very comfortable for me, thank you to Jake for always being a professional sweetheart and huge thank u to our director josh that listened to my every need. I love you guys and i love this movie ITS OUT ITS OUT RIGHT@NOW,” she captioned the video.

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