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Farhad Humayun’s ex-wife avoids reacting publicly to singer’s death

Pakistani entertainment industry is mourning the death of singer Farhad Humayun who recently died of a brain tumor on Tuesday .

Humayun’s death at the age of 42 left his friends and family devastated while singer, actors and his fans expressed deep sorrow of the loss of the talented artist.

Several fans were found wondering about the personal life especially married life of the English born singer. For those unaware, Farhad was married to fashion stylist Asmaa Mumtaz but at the time of Farhad’s death the couple was divorced. Asmaa chose not to react publicly on the death of her former husband Farhad Humayun.

According to an old interview published in Instep magazine, Asmaa used to help Farhad as an art director for his events. Other than being lead member of Overload, he was also an event manager and the brainchild behind Riot Productions.

The late artist studied sound engineering from London and organized events for companies like Nestle, Worldcall, Total PARCO, Crossroads, Levi’s, andPakistan Television Corporation.

“Marriage is like my best friend has just moved in with me! I’m not the kind of person to have a desk job – I’m very erratic that way, but Asmaa totally gets that!” he enthuses about his relationship with his rock chick wife,” Farhad had told Instep in the interview.

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