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Fed up with load-shedding, Karachiites find new target for Putin

People in Karachi are witnessing prolonged power outages as Pakistan grapples with an economic crisis.

The city’s power utility seems to be unable to meet the demand for the electricity in the extreme hot weather.

People lodge their complaints by tagging K-Electric on Twitter and almost everyone gets the same reply: “Your area is experiencing scheduled loadshedding”.

The load-shedding some time exceeds 10 hours a day.

Disappointed at K-Electric’s failure to resolve their problems, the people of Karachi have started looking up to Russian strongman to get their issues resolved.

Dozens of people have shared pictures of the K-Electric’s headquarters with a funny caption addressing President Putin.

The viral Urdu language caption says,” I am going to inform Russian intelligence that this building located in Ukraine houses arms supplies from the US and other countries. The modern equipment present in the building can destroy Russia. Uncle Putin, please order your forces to target this buidling.”

Few people know that Pakistan is unable to purchase LNG from the international market at higher rates because Europe is buying the commodity after Russia’s war on Ukraine disrupted supplies to several countries.

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