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Gabriel Guevara becomes victim of family feud?

The arrest of Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, star of Spanish Amazon Prime teen film franchise My Fault, has angered thousands of his fans.

He was arrested during the Venice Film Festival on alleged sexual assault charges.

The actor’s family members from France had accused him of sexual assault when he was just 13.

His relatives allegedly wanted a large inheritance from him and his mother.

The actor’s Spanish fans thinks the case was resolved at the time and they accused the media of bringing it up again.

A Twitter account followed by Justin Bieber claimed that Gabriel Guevara has been declared innocent by authorities.

The account also shred a statement regarding the progress in case:

Guevara, who has millions of social media followers, made his debut on the Spanish adaptation of Nordic teen series Skam, before becoming a household name in Amazon’s My Fault. He had arrived on the Lido yesterday, which he publicised in several Instagram posts. He was meant to receive an award called the Filming Italy prize on the sidelines of the festival.

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