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Gul Panra DC House viral video stirs criticism

Peshawar: Famed Pashto and Urdu singer Gul Panra is facing criticism after her video from inside the DC House Khyebr went viral on the internet.

Lashing out at the singer, A KP official said that Deputy Commissioner provided accommodation to Gul Panra and her companions but the singer created a huge problem for the officer by making a video.

Muhammad Islam Khan, Assistant Director (INF) to Chief Secretary KP, said that the Deputy Commissioner had done nothing wrong by allowing the guest to stay but the guest stabbed him in the back and created a lot of problems.

He said that it would be wrong to hold Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner accountable for the video, adding that the guest should be asked who asked her to make the video.

“Was she not aware that making videos at such places is wrong. I will request my sister Gul Panra to issue a statement on the matter and reveal the truth,” he said

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