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HAILEY and Justin Bieber Split Rumors: Hailey Bieber Displays $500K engagement ring

Hailey Bieber has put to rest rumors of a split with her husband, Justin Bieber, as she showcased her dazzling $500,000 engagement ring in a recent video. Speculations about the couple’s marriage troubles arose when Hailey Bieber shared multiple social media snapshots without Justin Bieber appearing in any of the photos.

Credit: Instagram/ haileybieber

In the video, the 26-year-old model provided a step-by-step tutorial on achieving an effortless, glowing summer makeup look. While massaging in glazing milk as part of her skincare routine, viewers couldn’t miss a close-up of Hailey’s wedding band and her expensive engagement ring, featuring a stunning oval-cut diamond, firmly adorning her left ring finger.

Credit YouTube/Hailey Rhode Bieber

Throughout the brief video, Hailey’s engagement ring remained in the frame, capturing attention without overshadowing her makeup demonstration. Furthermore, Hailey seemed to further dispel the rumors by posting a picture of herself, Justin, and their friends together on Tuesday. The snapshots showcased the couple cozying up and alleviated concerns about their relationship.

Fans initially became worried about the state of Hailey and Justin’s marriage after noticing an unusual detail in one of Hailey’s recent social media posts. Some felt that the omission of Justin from any of the photos was suspicious. The series of images shared by Hailey included snapshots of various moments from her life, such as holding a cherry, a picture of her dog, and a video of fireworks. She also included shots of herself posing in a ruched white top, accessorized with silver jewelry, taken during an all-white party in the Hamptons.

In the comments section, a concerned follower expressed their apprehension, questioning why Hailey was actively posting pictures while Justin hadn’t shared anything since May. They also raised the issue that Hailey hadn’t posted any pictures with Justin, emphasizing their concern for their relationship.

Earlier this week, Hailey accidentally posted a snapshot of herself in a skimpy bikini on her Instagram profile, swiftly removing it shortly after. The brief glimpse showed the model wearing a black latex string bikini on what appeared to be a backyard patio. The revealing bikini exposed a portion of her cleavage and showcased the top edge of her waxed pubic area.

Hailey has recently been sharing and deleting pictures of herself in sexy swimwear on social media. One of her posts featured stunning photos of her in a vibrant crochet swimsuit during a tropical vacation. She was captured standing in the sea wearing a bright orange ensemble consisting of a crochet bikini top, a small skirt, and a white-and-orange hat. In another photo, she lay down in shallow water, accentuating her curves and tiny waist while removing her skirt to reveal matching crochet bikini bottoms. Additional images showcased her posing against a wall in a colorful short-sleeved shirt, and climbing up a ladder after a swim, taken from a boat.

Hailey also shared a picture with a friend, donning a barely-there black two-piece instead of the orange bikini. Alongside these snapshots, she included a close-up of her glowing skin and natural makeup, with a luxurious house in the background.

Credit: Instagram/ haileybieber

Despite the rumors circulating around Hailey and Justin’s relationship, her recent video featuring the prominent engagement ring and subsequent photos with Justin and friends seem to counter the speculation, suggesting that their marriage remains intact.

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