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Hamza Abbasi says there’s massive religious discrimination in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi on Saturday took to Twitter to express his thoughts about the recent debate on construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad.

Hours after it became clear that the construction of the Mandir has been stopped by the Capital Development Authority due to pressure exerted by some religious circles, Hamza said “there is a massive religious discrimination in Pakistan”.

Although he did not mention the temple, his tweet was in obvious reference to the issue which has sparked a debate on social media.

“Pakistan is not an empire/kingdom. We Muslims didnt CONQUER Pakistan, we are a Muslim Majority Nation State. On 14th August 1947 every 1 who resided in the boundary of PAK BECAME AN EQUAL CITIZEN. No more hypocrisy, i admit tht thr is massive religious discrimination in Pakistan,” Hamza Ali Abbasi said on Twitter.

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