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‘Hated being mean to Mahira Khan’: Atiqa Odho on Humsafar scene

Atiqa Odho on Friday shared a a throwback video from the iconic drama Humsafar which featured Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in the lead roles.

The video contained a scene from the TV serial in which Atiqa, who played Fawad’s mom, is seen slandering Mahira’s character in front of his son.

Sharing her thoughts about the scene, Atiqa wrote, “Why do they love it when I perform such nasty scenes? Hated being so mean to my sweetie @mahirahkhan in this sequence but director @sarmadkhoosat insisted he wanted a loud and angry performance by me for this. 😢 Couldn’t say no to my buddy Sarmad either.

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