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How Gal Gadot’s remarks vindicated Bella Hadid

“Wonder Woman”actress Gal Gadot on Wednesday expressed her desire for peace between Israel and its “neighbors”.

She chose not to write Palestine or Palestinians and her choice of words appeared to be problematic. And her statement on Middle East situation came just a day after supermodel Bella Hadid said she has been told if her father was born in Palestine his birth place is not real.

To many, Gal Gadot deliberately did not mention Palestine or Palestinians in her statement and refered to them as only “neighbors”.

Bella Hadid

Her critics think it was due to deeply ingrained views of an Israeli citizen who thinks Palestine does not exist.

The “Wonder Woman” actress has received backlash after her statement. But most of the criticism stemmed from the fact that she trained as an IDF soldier which is mandatory for both men and women in the Jewish state.

Most of the people thought that Gal Gadot’s reaction vindicated Bella Hadid’s statement.

Gal Gadot, however, received accolades for praying for peace between Israel and Palestine.

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