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How to file Game of Thrones remake petition

Game of Thrones remake petition

Thousands of people were left disappointed by the major plot twist in Game of Thrones Season Eight Episode 4 this past weekend.

The show runners are facing criticism from fans who didn’t like the plot twist one bit.

A group of fans has started an online petition demanding remake of the entire Game of Thrones Season 8.

The petition posted on Change.org aims to get 500,000 people to sign.

According to reports 300000 people had signed the petition till late Thursday.

Titled “Remake Game of Thrones season eight with competent writers” emerged after the airing of “The Bells”, the latest episode of the show which saw a major plot twist.

The people saw their heroes suddenly become villains in the penultimate episode. A lot of them complained the plot twist did not make any sense at all and the show runner must redo the season.

Here how to file Game Of Thrones remake petition.

Visit Change.org where you will have to follow a four-step process to get your petition submitted.

Below are the steps you will come across on the petition website.

Write your petition title

This is the first thing people will see about your petition. Get their attention with a short title that focusses on the change you’d like them to support.

Choose a decision maker

This is the person, organisation, or group that can make a decision about your petition. Change.org will send them updates on your petition and encourage a response.

Explain the problem you want to solve

People are more likely to support your petition if it’s clear why you care. Explain how this change will impact you, your family, or your community.

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