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How to watch ‘House of The Dragon’ in Pakistan?

The premiere of “House of the Dragon” drew nearly 10 million viewers on Sunday on television and the HBO Max streaming service, the largest audience for any new original series in the history of network, HBO reported.

Anticipation for the series, set 200 years before HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” fanned conversation on social media, where “House of Dragon” remained a top trending topic on Twitter for 14 hours, HBO said on Monday.

The kind of explicit content that people see on Game Of Thrones won’t be playable on any channel in the world.Not even HBO.

GoT fans who have no access to HBO Max streaming service are asking how can they watch the show in Pakistan.

Fans are advised to download and install Popcorn Time. They can watch movies, series, dramas, animes, cartoons with subtitles.

They can also cast it on their Android TVs.

Fans can watch all series from Netflix, Sony, HBO or any other production houses in HD quality.

There are other such services available but Popcorn Time is way more convenient, just search for the content and play it.

Popcorn Times is not available for on app store for iOS Devices. Apple would never allow it on its app store.

You can install it on your mac, windows or android phone / tablet.

You can Google ‘how to install Popcorn Time’ for further guidance.

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