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Is Rhaegal really dead? Here is the answer

[This story contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4]

Is Rhaegal really dead? or did Rhaegal die? or the most common questions folks have been asking ever since the release of Game Of Thrones Season 8,Episode 4.

Apart from Rhaegal’s death, the other question people have been asking is “What did Missandei say?” in the last episode before being killed at the hands of “Mountain”.

Is Rhaegal really dead?

The answer is “not yet”. The dragon lives somewhere awaiting his death.

People are asking the question despite seeing the dragon being shot down in the last episode.

This is because, Rhaegal is still alive in the book of George R.R. Martin on whose novel Game Of Thrones is based.

We have to wait for Martin’next book to see if Rhaegal really dies?

We must know that death of Hodor came directly from George R.R Martin’s mind even though the scene has not played out in his book. He too awaits his death that might take place in different circumstances.

Same is the case with Rhaegal.

What Did Missandei say?

The Dragon queen’s advisor had herself beheaded in the last episode. The last words she said before her death were “Dracarys”.

Dracarys translates to “Dragonfire” in High Valyrian. It is the same word the queen utters to signal her dragons unleash fire upon her enemies.

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