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Jannat Mirza reacts to horse picture shared on Facebook

Pakistan’s most popular TikToker Jannat Mirza has informed her fans that she does not use Facebook and someone is trying to defame her on the social networking website by using her name.

Her statement came when one of her latest pictures taken on the back of a horse was shared with an inappropriate caption on Facebook.

Jannat had originally shared the picture on Instagram with caption “Sorry, I’m more than you deserve”. Thousands of people including TV actress Ushna Shah had liked her post .

Below is her original Instagram post.

Shortly after her image was posted on the photo and video sharing app, the picture appeared on a verified Facebook account, which the TikToker said doesn’t belong to her.

Here’s the Facebook picture:

Reacting to online bullying that followed the Facebook post, Jannat Mirza issued a statement which said, “I DON’T USE FACEBOOK I REPEAT I DON’T USE FACEBOOK! Someone is trying to defame me there by using my name.
I’m trying my best to get it down! pls do not be fooled.

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