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Johnny Depp’s Concert Cancelled After Reports of Pre-Performance Drinking

Johnny Depp’s highly-anticipated concerts with his band, Hollywood Vampires, in Budapest and Slovakia faced unexpected cancellations, leaving fans disappointed and speculating about the cause. The Budapest show, scheduled for Tuesday, July 18, was called off due to “unforeseen circumstances.” However, a viral picture of Johnny Depp consuming alcohol just an hour before the performance prompted rumors that his drinking might have played a role in the decision.

The band shared a note on Instagram expressing their regrets, stating, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight’s show in Budapest. All tickets (general and VIP, including meet & greet) will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all of the fans who traveled from near and far to see us rise, and we’re truly sorry. Sincere apologies, The Hollywood Vampires.”

Amidst conflicting reports about Johnny’s health, an insider claimed that everything seemed in order before the show, with the stage set and the crew ready. However, it became apparent that Johnny Depp was not going to participate, and his microphone was set up by a colleague, which is not unusual for stars of his stature.

In the aftermath of the cancellation, photos of Johnny Depp drinking before the concert surfaced on Twitter, sparking frustration and disappointment among devoted fans. As of now, the reasons behind the abrupt cancellations remain a matter of speculation, and the band has not provided further details about the situation.

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