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Juggan Kazim reveals why her first marriage with Ahmed Tajik ended in divorce

Juggan Kazim’s first marriage with Ahmed Tajik took place at a young age

Lahore: It’s been a while since actress and TV host Juggan Kazim sat with Samina Peerzada for an interview and spoke her heart out while talking about abusive marriages.

But a large number of fans of the famed TV personality still remain curious about why Juggan Kazim’s first marriage ended in divorce and that too after a brief period of six months.

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Kazim who tied the knot with Feisal Naqvi in 2013 parted her ways with her first husband Ahmed Tajik in 2004.

She said her first marriage failed because she was subjected to verbal and physical torture by her husband Ahmed Tajik whom she called a psychopath.

Juggan Kazim said apart from using physical torture, her first husband used to call her fat, ugly and short while bragging about his ethnic roots and looks.

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“He would tell me that people will call me a divorced bi**,” she said while speaking about her agony.

Sharing horrific details of the abusive marriage, she said one of her cousins had to extract her physically by sending guards when she had closed herself in the bathroom to protect herself from the violent husband.

After being recused from her husband, Juggun Kazim said she came to know that she was pregnant.

When Samina Peerzada asked her what kind of woman chose to stay on in an abusive marriage, Juggan Kazim said it was mainly because of the stigma attached to the divorce.

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