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Kanye West was seen urinating on the world’s biggest music award Grammy, know the whole matter

American rapper and musician Kanye West has posted a video on his Twitter account that everyone is shocked and upset. A video of Kanye remains a gossip topic on social media. In the video, a man is urinating on him by putting the Grammy Award in a toilet commode. However, it is not yet clear whether this person is himself or someone else?

This video has been posted by Kanye on his official account, so it is being speculated that he will be himself. After the video surfaced, his fans and common Twitter users are in a hurry. People do not understand why Kanye did this thing and posted his video. Kanya posted the video and wrote, “Believe me, I am not going to stop.”

So far this video has been viewed by more than 23 million, or 23 million people. Several tweets from his Twitter account on Wednesday. They publicly posted pictures of several pages of their contracts with music companies. He then tweeted another in which Kanye wrote, ‘All musicians will be free.’

His angry tweets suggest he is angry with music companies. Kanye made several tweets targeting big music companies like Sony and Universal. He wrote that he wanted to be free from ‘modern slavery’. It is also worth knowing that Kanye has a disease called bipolar disorder. You know, getting a Grammy Award is every musician’s dream. It is the biggest award in the music industry. Kanye has won 21 Grammy Awards so far.

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