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Kareena Kapoor Khan, 40, wrote a post on the eve of her birthday – ‘It’s Big 40! Let’s make it bigger’

This song from ‘Hore Dass, Kinia Tarifan Chahidi Ae Tainu’ from the movie ‘Veeray The Wedding’ fits the lead actress Bebo i.e. Kareena Kapoor very well. Success on every front of life, that is, appreciation. Kareena has turned 40 today. A few hours before her birthday, she shared a post on social media. In this, she has expressed her desire.

On the occasion of her birthday, Kareena wrote a passionate post on Instagram and shared a beautiful photo of herself with it. Kareena said, “I am entering my forties. I want to love, to laugh, to forgive, to forget and most importantly to pray. I want to thank those who gave me strength and my experience of making women as I am today. And I’m grateful for the thought. Some of them were right, some were wrong, some were very good and some weren’t good. But still, this is Big 40!

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