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Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Daughter’s Provocative Photo and Privacy Concerns

Kim Kardashian is facing online backlash after a photo was posted of her taken by her daughter North West, which many found provocative.

The image was initially shared on Kim’s Instagram Story and later reposted by a fan on a Kardashian-focused online platform.

In the photograph, Kim is seen riding an escalator in what seems to be a Japanese mall. She is dressed in a light tan crop top and loose khaki cargo pants that hang so loosely on her hips that they almost slide off. The outfit accentuates her curvy buttocks and tiny waist. Kim appears to be puckering her lips while her hair is styled in a messy low bun.

The credit for taking the photo, shot from below, was given to her 10-year-old daughter North, who captured the unconventional angle by positioning herself beneath her mother on the escalator.

Upon the photo’s circulation on The Kardashians forum, critics chastised Kim for involving her child in such a way. The original poster on the forum commented on how Kim seemed to have her daughter do various tasks for her.

Some responses to the thread were critical, expressing discomfort with the idea of enlisting one’s child to take suggestive photos for public consumption. Others found fault with the image itself, remarking on Kim’s continued use of a sultry expression even when her face was turned away.

Sarcastic remarks were also present, with one commenter suggesting that employing her child obviated the need for a paid photographer.

This incident follows a previous episode in July where Kim faced criticism for sharing intimate family moments on her social media. Specifically, she shared pictures of her sleeping children – Chicago, five; Saint, seven; and Psalm, four – prompting discussions on whether such private moments should be made public.

On a Reddit board, fans and critics debated the appropriateness of Kim’s actions. Some argued that the photos were an invasion of the children’s privacy and should be kept within the family. Others questioned the necessity of sharing such vulnerable images with millions of followers.

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