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Kinza Hashmi is commenting on her viral video not ‘leaked video’ in interview with Shaista

Karachi: Kinza Hashmi is a popular Pakistani Television actress and arguably one of the most followed Instagram celebrities in the country.

She recently sat for an interview with Shaista Lodhi and had a candid conversation.

During the interview, Lodhi also asked Kinza about the response she received from fans after one of her video went viral on the social media.

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Lodhi was referring to a dance video of the actor and not about any “Kinza Hashmi leaked video” as some people have been sharing the interview with suggestive and misleading captions.

The anchor asked the question in a lighter vein wondering whether Hashmi got an offer for a movie for her dancing skills which she showed in the viral video.

Answering the question, Kinza said she initially went into depression and rued her decision to dance but later overcome her condition.

The actor said she cares a lot about what fans might think about her video and that was the reason behind her depression.

Some people, who have yet to see the full interview, are being made to believe that Kinza Hashmi had some sort of private video leaked.

This is not correct, not every celebrity had her/his sex tapes leaked.

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