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Lia Marie Johnson’s Instagram livestream leaves fans worrying: Here’s why

Lia Marie Johnson’s followers thought she was visibly under the influence of some drugs when she made an Instagram livestream on Thursday.

The viewers were left worrying whey noticed something disturbing. The woman was being mistreated and touched improperly by an identified man who was heard requesting her to go off line if she is on Instagram.

Sensing that fans were worried about her safety, she asked them not send police to her address.

But some fans actually informed the police that according to Lia Marie detained her briefly.

Identity of the man who was seen in the video was not immediately known but some fans suspected it was her producer.

The former Youtuber who has over 1 million followers Instagram became a Twitter trend following the latest incident.

The livestream video of Lia is circulating Twitter and other social media platforms, with people demanding action against the man who was seen taking advantage of her state of mind.

Some fans thought it constituted sexual assault.

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