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Mahira Khan, Farhan Saeed all praise for PM Imran after US rally

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a mammoth rally in Washington during his visit to the United States.

It is being dubbed as the historic rally since no Pakistani leader has ever addressed to such a huge number of Pakistanis on US soil.

The venue with a capacity of over 20000 people was reverberating with slogans and PTI anthems before Imran Khan’s arrival.

PTI supporters came from as far as Texas and other states to listen to their leader.

The rally was so big that even prime minister’s critics praised him for enjoying unprecedented support among Pakistani Americans.

Twitter in Pakistan was flooded with messages from PTI workers and supporters.

Pakistani film and TV stars also seemed to be impressed by the prime minister’s popularity abroad.

“What a historic moment at DC last night! Every word you say Khan Sb @ImanKhanPTI comes straight from the heart and reaches straight to the millions of US who believe in you and who believe in the Naya Pakistan we all dreamt of!

Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan also took to Twitter to express her views.

” Hope! May we be alive to witness the Pakistan you make us dream of @ImranKhanPTI#PMIKinUS,” she wrote.

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