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Malu Trevejo accused of putting her bodyguard’s life at risk

Four employees have initiated legal action against Cuban-American singer Malu Trevejo, outlining in their formal complaint instances where she allegedly employed racist language and displayed disrespectful and abusive behavior. These alleged actions were purportedly directed at the employees whenever they did not promptly address her messages or calls to her satisfaction.

In a specific account, Barreto, one of the complainants, asserted that when she declined Malu Trevejo’s directive to share her bed, the singer’s demeanor escalated to the point of becoming verbally aggressive, employing derogatory terms such as “stupid” and “dumb.” In response to the lawsuit, Malu Trevejo’s legal representative offered a statement, asserting that the singer is cognizant of the unfounded nature of the accusations and is poised to vigorously counter these claims during the legal process.

Additionally, Ralph Colon, a former bodyguard for Malu Trevejo, has also come forward with allegations of mistreatment by the singer on multiple occasions. Colon alleges that the singer frequently disregarded his security counsel, thereby compelling him to assume perilous situations for her benefit.

According to insider information shared with TMZ, a source closely associated with the influencer has disclosed that Malu Trevejo is profoundly disheartened by the assertions leveled against her by her former employees. The source further contended that Malu Trevejo vehemently denies any intent to harm anyone through such means.

Sources have reported that the singer intends to collaborate with her legal team to mount a comprehensive response to the lawsuit that has been lodged by her four former employees.

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