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Maria Sharapova receives erotic painting as birthday gift from beau Alexander Gilkes

Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova on Friday turned 32. Fans used social media accounts to wish her everything good in life.

The five-time grand slam winner also shared photos and videos on her Instagram to provide a glimpse into her birthday celebrations.

From the photos, Sharapova shared on Instagram stories one can say that the Russian is enjoying growing up.

One of the photos shared by both Sharapova and her British boyfriend Alexander Gilkes to their Instagram stories particularly caught attention of the fans.

The tennis star had shared her photo in the Instagram story.

It shows Sharapova sitting on the floor with her head resting ons something not visible, her eyes closed.

What bewildered the fans was a peice of art that was placed next to her. It was actually a portrait of woman lying naked with her breasts and pubic hair visible.

Then came the birthday wish from the beau.

Alexander Gilkes posted Maria Sharapova’s photo on his Instagram story, although with a different caption that explained it all.

It turned out that the painting was a birthday gift from him.

“A happy birthday girl with a new artwork.. happiest birthday to this superlatively kind, funny, intelligent, driven and strong lady,” he captioned Maria Sharapova’s photo.

The painting was an artwork from British painter Tracey Emin. She is known for her work on sexual misadventures, heartbreak, masturbation and things that many people find cringe-worthy or at least they refrain from discussing.

“The shockingly intimate nature of Emin’s extraordinarily honest work has put her at the forefront of contemporary art,” artspace wrote in a 2013 article about the ace painter,

Emin is only the second woman ever to be appointed professor at the Royal Academy

Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes have been dating each other for quite sometime now. The British millionaire seems to have quite a taste in everything from books to travelling to art and the Russian tennis star seems to be happy in his company.

On sports front, Sharapova has withdrawn from the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart due to a continuing right shoulder injury.

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