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Meghan Markle mocked for wearing last season’s Valentino shoes as she steps out for brunch

Meghan Markle enjoyed brunch with her friends in Hollywood after her children were recognized as Prince and Princess.

Her critics accused her of staging the appearance as they claimed that the Duchess of Sussex had invited paparazzi to take her pictures.

Some royal fans saw a ‘smug grin’ on Meghan’s face which they think she wore after strong arming the royal family into getting what she wanted.

Eagle-eyed critics noticed that Megan Markle sported a pair of Valentino shoes.

But they started mocking her for wearing what they said last season’s Valentino.

Commenting on her shoes, a user wrote, “They can’t even afford this season’s Valentino. And then wears it to look ridiculous. Maison Valentino must be pissed.”

Another said, “Her whole damn life is last season.”

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