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Meghan Markle replaced by Mandana Dayani at Forbes 30/50 summit by TV show host?

Mandana Dayani said she is very excited to be included as a speaker at the Forbes 30/50 summit, days after she quit as the president of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Archewell Foundation.

Some people believe that Manadana Dayani is joining all the names at the event Meghan Markle wants to associate with.

Others think TV show host Mika Brzezinski has something to do with the Forbes list that included Mandana Dayani’s name instead of Meghan Markle.

Mika, the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, has called out Meghan and Harry for their stance well over a year ago on air.

Mandana’ departure from Archewell came a few days after the release of the trailer for six-part Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan, which Archewell produced After her resignation, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to assume full leadership of their Archewell Foundation.

Dayani was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the media and charitable group and has exited in what has been described as an amicable and planned transition.

An Archewell spokesperson said Dayani was brought on while the couple was off for parental leave and that “she has continued to shape (Archewell’s) vision and future successfully.”

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