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Meghan recalls caring Queen Elizabeth pulled her blanket over her knees during official tour

Meghan Markle praised Queen Elizabeth as a caring person in her Netflix documentary “Meghan & Harry”.

The Duchess of Sussex shared the details of her first official visit she undertook with Queen Elizabeth after her marriage.

She saidz “My first official engagement with Her majesty was very early as we got married (June 2018).We took the royal train and we had breakfast together that morning. I had a really great time with her.”

Asked “what do you talk about with the Queen of England”, she answered:

“I treated her as my husband’s grandmother. And knowing that of course there has to be completely different sense propriety and whatnot in public.”

Meghan said, “When you are sitting and having breakfast to just be able to talk. I mean when we got into the car in-between the engagements. She had a blanket and pulled it over my knees. We are sitting in the car with this blanket and I thought I recognize, respect and see that you are the Queen. But in this moment I am grateful that there is grandmother figure.”

She added, “Because that feels like family. And because I was so so close to my grandmother. And I took care of her in her final years. Yeah, it was a such a good day, we laughed.”

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