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Mehwish Hayat inspires fans with powerful quote

Lahore: Mehwish Hayat is the undisputed super star of Pakistani film industry.

After winning Sitara-e-Imtiaz for her services in the showbiz, the actress has presented Pakistan in the best way possible outside the country.

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She was recently appointed by Human Rights Ministry as goodwill ambassador for girls rights too.

Mehwish Hayat, with her intelligence, good looks and hard earned fame, has come a long way since she entered the tinsel town..

Nothing was handed to her in a silver platter. So nobody knows about her struggles better than the actress herself.

The Punjab Nahi Jaon Ge actress has also faced her share of criticism in Pakistan where a woman of her stature is bound to face.

In a recent BBC interview ,she has spoken of how she deals with haters and social media trolls.

The actress, who often shares her videos and pictures on the Instagram, on Monday posted a motivational quote that speaks volumes about what she might have gone through to become what she is today.

In order to inspire her followers Mehwish Hayat posted a powerful quote to her Insta story that goes ” “You’re going to lose yourself, time to time.Come back.Come back to what your heart knows. No matter how long you’v been gone, come back.”

The fans who swoon over her gorgeous photos might also want to draw some inspiration from the quote.

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