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Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali become victims of character assassination

Fugitive ex-military officer Major Adil Raja started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models.

Adil Raja, who is known for lying and spreading fake news through his vlogs , also took a massive U-turn recently when he started attacking former ISI chief Lt.General Faiz Hameed whom he had been admiring since his retirement.

In his latest vlog, Raja made outrageous claim that Pakistan’s top models and actresses have been “used” by the country’s premier intelligence agencies as a bait to record scandalous videos of politicians and some other people.

While he refused to share the names of the actresses and the models, the retired major said women’s initials are MH, MK and SA.

Shortly after Adil Raja’s vlog surfaced online, his supporters, who largely consist of PTI social media activists, started sharing pictures of Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali and Kubra Khan.

Mehwish Hayat, Mahira and other actors have been advised by their fans to sue Major (retd) Adil Raja for making claims that led to their character assassination.

While Adil Raja did not share the full names of the celebrities, it has been learnt that he gave full names to some people who are behind the campaign against the actors and the military establishment.

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