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Mia Khalifa is apologizing: Here is why

Mia Khalifa has apologized for her recent diatribe about the educational system in US state of Florida.

She, however, apologized only to Coral Gables, a city near Miami, the campus of Florida State University and South Miami (Cuba).  The rest of Florida she said should   secede and be condemned.

The Lebanese star  on Friday sent out a couple of  tweets after insulting  Radio host at the beginning of interview when introduced Mia Khalifa, angering  Mia Khalifa by referring to her former career as porn star.

 “I know the educational system in FL is sub par, but if you request an interview from someone recovering from extensive surgery and they graciously accept to speak on it, maybe don’t introduce them by talking about a different vapid adult actresses you once saw at a sporting event as cheap segue into the interview.

I held back what I actually wanted to say to these Floridian inbred idiots, but damn, I hope the FCC sends you a check so high you’ll have to re-mortgage the caravan you and your cats sleep in,” she said drawing criticism over her remarks about Florida .

On Saturday she once again took to Twitter  and said “I would like to issue an apology to, and only to: Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, the campus of Florida State University, and South Miami (Cuba),”she wrote on Twitter.

“The rest of Florida should secede and be condemned,” she added.

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