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‘Milk Crate Challenge’ videos shared by Snoop Dogg will leave you in stitches

#MilkCrateChallenge has gone viral in the US

US rapper Snoop Dogg can’t help but share insane videos of people trying to complete viral “Milk Crate Challenge” which saw people falling from crates of milk stacked together which according to the local media are available at only 1 dollar. The challenge reportedly inspired by Tokyo Olympics is also called “Hood Olympics”.

As part of the challenge people stack plastic milk crates on top of each other to form a pyramid and then attempt to climb over them. While few people successfully complete the challenge, most of those who try it are seen falling and ending up with injuries. 

Snoop has been sharing some hilarious videos of the challenge posted by members of the black community. A user, while commenting on availability of the crates said the CIA was dropping off the crates for the black and brown communities.

Former tennis Queen Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend Alexander Gilkes, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds and other celebrities were prominent among those who liked the rapper’s videos shared with some funny captions.

Here’s a collection of some videos of the viral trend “Milk Crate Challenge” posted by Snoop Dogg. You can watch the videos by clicking the links given below each screenshot of Snoop’s Instagram post:






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