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Miranda Lambert’s Concert Controversies: From Selfies to Tequila Shots

Miranda Lambert, the renowned country star, found herself at the center of attention once again as new videos of her recent concert interactions emerged following her earlier controversy over selfies.

During her ongoing Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas residency, Miranda engaged with a fan sporting a shirt that humorously read, “Shoot tequila, not selfies.” Playfully acknowledging the shirt’s message, she praised the fan’s choice and accepted a mini tequila bottle from the audience. Raising a toast and taking a shot on stage, Miranda exuded her signature badass attitude before passing the bottle to her guitarist, Ethan Ballinger. The moment was captured in a video posted by Ethan on his Instagram Stories with the caption, “Soo this happened last night.”

Source @CNN

Just a week before this joyful interaction, Miranda had made headlines for calling out a group of concert-goers in Las Vegas who were taking selfies during her performance. Interrupting the show, she expressed frustration, urging the audience to focus on enjoying her country music rather than taking excessive photos.

One of the fans affected by Miranda’s public reprimand, Adela Calin, revealed she felt “appalled” by the incident. She expressed that it made her group of grown women feel as if they were being scolded like schoolchildren for a harmless act of trying to capture a moment.

The incident stirred debate online, with some supporting Miranda’s call for undivided attention during her performances, while others, like The View’s Sunny Hostin, defended the audience’s right to take selfies if they’ve paid a considerable sum for tickets.

The recent video with the tequila bottle wasn’t the only resurfaced clip to make rounds on the internet. Fans rediscovered footage from a 2019 performance where Miranda playfully deflated a beach ball tossed on stage, reminding everyone that her concerts are all about country music and not beach parties.

In light of these events, Miranda Lambert found herself in the midst of contrasting opinions, with some applauding her dedication to the music and others likening her actions to the Grinch of country music.

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