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Nadia Fares criticized for supporting Carla Burni, Sarkozy

Paris: French actress Nadia Fares was criticized for expressing love and support for Carla Bruni whose husband and former president Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to jail for three years over corruption on Monday.

When the actress commented on Carla’s Instagram post about her husband’s conviction by a French court, some users called her out for supporting a man convicted of corruption.

Nadia hit back and defended her comments by writing in French language.

“Thanks for the info … Even if you are right, do I no longer have the right to support a wife cornered on all sides?,” she said.

In another comment she defended herself by saying, “I support a friend who is suffering, her and all her family … it is my right and if you are faithful in friendship you would do the same … you have to know how to put things in order, don’t you think?”

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