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Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards ‘love affair’: Fans obsess over details

Nessa Barrett has amassed a considerable number of followers on Youtube since she made her debut on the video sharing website in August 2019.

As she becomes more and more popular on social media, fans are eager to know certain things about her.

Here is the list of questions that her followers are often observed asking:

1- How old is Nessa Barret?

2-Where does Nessa Barrett live?

3-How tall is Nessa Barret?

4- Nessa Barret age

Some of the above mentioned questions might sound silly and would not make sense to many, but this is exactly what the millennials are often found asking.

Another thing which has helped her strengthen her status on social media is fans think she is dating Josh Richards, the popular TikToker with over 11 million followers and an actor.

” I am just watching because i wanted to see who was dating Josh Richards,” one of Nessa’s followers had commented on her first video on Youtube.

And when the fan young fans sensed something between them they were bound to ask certain questions like “How tall is Josh Richards” to have the idea of how would they look like together.

It’s been a while since fans are speculating about relationship between Nessa Barret and Josh Richards, but they have done little to hide their affection for each other.

They have posted multiple videos together suggesting that they are more than just friends.

There were also speculations that Chase Hudson of Hype House was trying to get with Nessa Barret but she remained indifferent.

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