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Netizens want ‘Lahore Da Pawa, Akhtar Lawa’ to be the next guest on Nida Yasir show

Netizens are calling on Nida Yasir to invite the TikToker who is known for his Punjabi catchphrase “Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa”.

One of his old videos suggests he was once arrested for being involved in a violent protest. The video was apparently recorded during the police custody.

The TikToker is going viral with his catchphrase and signature moves.

“Lahore Da Pawa, Akhtar Lawa” loosely translates to (Akhtar Lawa is the pillar of Lahore).

Some social media users have also dubbed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s videos with the TikToker’s voice.

Social media users are creating funny videos using Akhtar Lawa’s voice.

They started sharing his videos after Nida Yasir invited viral dance girl Ayesha on her show.

Ayesha went viral with her dance moves on famous song “Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aa Ja’.”

In a brief interview below, Lawa shares the history of his family:

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