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No. 3 – Josh Allen’s Girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld’s Relationship and Ex-Boyfriends History

Maintaining the enigma! Hailee Steinfeld’s upbringing in the spotlight hasn’t made her any more inclined to publicly disclose details of her love life.

Expressing her appreciation for her fans’ interest in her daily activities, the Oscar nominee shared exclusively with Us Weekly in January 2018, “I feel fortunate that [my fans] care enough about me to want to know about my every moment. However, it can sometimes be a challenge for people to recognize that there are limits to one’s personal and private life.”

The star of Pitch Perfect 2 went on to say, “I am a person who values privacy greatly. I do appreciate that I can choose to share what I am comfortable with and that they are there to listen and offer their support.”

Even though she made a deliberate effort to keep her relationships private, Steinfeld made headlines in January 2018 when she and Niall Horan were spotted together in London’s West End. The two of them generated speculation about a possible romance later that same month, especially when the former One Direction singer was caught on video at the birthday celebration of Steinfeld’s brother Griffin.

It wasn’t until August of that year that the “Capital Letters” singer and Horan were seen publicly sharing a kiss. Several months afterward, in December 2018, it was confirmed that the “Seeing Blind” artist and the actress from Barely Lethal had decided to end their relationship. A source revealed, “They still hold a lot of affection for each other.”

Over the following years, Steinfeld kept a low profile in terms of her personal life, but in November 2021, she spoke to Cosmopolitan about her preferences when it comes to finding the right partner.

“I desire a companion who prioritizes loyalty and honesty, is self-assured, and capable of pursuing their own path while I do the same,” explained the Dickinson alum. She admitted feeling odd discussing it, as it had been on her mind for a significant period.

While the California native asserted her contentment with focusing on herself, she admitted there are occasions when she yearns for a romantic relationship. Despite rarely feeling a sense of singleness, she mentioned observing many engagements and marriages among those around her in the past year, prompting her to humorously request, “Can everyone slow down for me, please?”

In May 2023, the “Most Girls” vocalist sparked speculation of a new romance with Josh Allen, as they were spotted together during Memorial Day weekend.

The quarterback for the Buffalo Bills was captured in New York City with his arm around Steinfeld as they exited a black SUV. They were later witnessed having dinner at a sushi restaurant, with Allen maintaining close proximity to the actress.

Taking a look at Steinfeld’s notable relationships:

1- Cameron Smoller
In 2016, rumors linked the Bumblebee actress to Instagram personality Cameron Smoller. They made their first appearance together on the red carpet in January 2017 during a Golden Globes event, but their relationship faded later that year.

2- Niall Horan
Following an extended period of friendship, speculation about a romantic connection between the “Slow Hands” singer and the Edge of Seventeen star emerged in January 2018. Their coziness while watching Hamilton in London’s West End fueled these speculations. By August 2018, they seemed to confirm their relationship through public displays of affection in Los Angeles. In December of that year, it was confirmed that they had parted ways several months earlier.

3- Josh Allen
The NFL player garnered attention in late May 2023 when he was spotted in New York City with Steinfeld. Rumors of a romance grew over Memorial Day weekend as they were seen together on multiple occasions, including a sushi outing with friends. In June 2023, it was confirmed that the former University of Wyoming quarterback and the “Love Myself” singer had been in a relationship for about a month.

This new romance followed Allen’s longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams, quietly unfollowing him on Instagram in April 2023, leading fans to speculate about their split after an eight-year relationship.

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