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Oscar 2021: Priyanka Chopra may be named the Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards 2021

Priyanka Chopra, the global star who has traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, could be named the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar 2021. We do not believe in Hollywood’s leading website. Priyanka may get this award for her film ‘The White Tiger’. This website conducts this survey before the Oscars every year, in which Priyanka is more likely to get this award this time.

Priyanka will compete with him

The film for which Priyanka may get this award will be released on Netflix. It has been directed by Ramin Bahrani. The film is based on the same novel The White Tiger of Arvind Adiga. It is being claimed that people will be seen by Priyanka’s never seen avatar in this film. Priyanka has been cast alongside renowned actors like Maril Streep, Han Yenri, Christine Scott Thomas and Olivia Colmen.

Release date not revealed

Priyanka is on top in this prediction list of Variety. The White Tiger is produced by Mukul Deora with Netflix, in which Priyanka is also an executive producer. However, the film’s release date has not been revealed yet. Rajkummar Rao will also be seen in this film along with Priyanka. The shooting of the film was completed in December 2019.

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