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Pakistan fan mocks Saif Ali Khan at entrance of Old Trafford Cricket Ground

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Saif Ali Khan is an Indian actor with close connections in Pakistan.

One of his close relatives Major Gen Asfandyar Pataudi served as high ranking officials of Pakistan principal intelligence agency, the ISI.

Gen Pataudi was was once a top contender for the slot of ISI director general too.

Khan, a son of former Indian cricket captain Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, had come under strong criticism for appearing in anti-Pakistan movie “Phantom”.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie also featured Katrina Kaif in a lead role.

The film proved to be a box office disaster but Pakistani fans still harbour a grudge against the Nawab of bollywood.

When Saif Ali Khan came to witness Pakistan vs India match in Manchestor on Sunday, a Pakistani fan filmed him while walking beside him.

The fan continued to mock the actor for what he said killing scores of Pakistanis in his movies as the actor entered the Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Pakistani social media users have criticized the man for targeting the Bollywood actor outside the cricket ground.

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